Pleased to Meet Us.

For Us, Inclusion Fuels Innovation

We believe deeply in the people we support and the team we’ve assembled. Our engine runs on ‘over the top ideas’. We believe in wishes and dreams. We invest in the power of our group to catalyze our initiatives when others tell us something is impossible. We are and represent the Underdog.

Ideate’s certified, seasoned Job Developers have developed a successful course of connection, assessment, evaluation, and support that relies heavily on a face to face, heart to heart approach. Though the Internet can be a very valuable tool when applying for a job, a good deal of job placement success occurs by walking into businesses and speaking in person with employers. Job support staff develop “hands-on” or “hands-off” methods unique to each potential employment location; this allows staff to be as interactive as the Job Seeker prefers, while assuring that the employer’s required tasks are being accounted for, and above all, that the participant’s quality of life is preserved.