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When an adult over the age of 18 wants to work but is having a hard time preparing for, obtaining, or maintaining a job, they can seek services through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, or OVR. In order to utilize these services, the individual must have a diagnosed disability, which can be anything from chronic back pain to a profoundly impactful condition. If an individual does not have a diagnosed disability, they will not qualify for OVR services.  

Job Seekers can access OVR and Ideate’s Vocational Rehabilitation services in the following ways:   

They are referred to an OVR counselor, often by their Supports Coordinator; an OVR counselor meets them through early intervention programs in high schools; the individual calls an OVR office close to them; or the individual can go into an OVR office in person to ask for help finding a job.  

After completing an application and an initial interview, the OVR Counselor deems the individual eligible or ineligible for services. From there, the newly-assigned OVR Counselor will assist the Job Seeker in selecting an Employment Service Provider. This provider is chosen based on reputation, informational marketing materials like brochures and internet presence, or specialty services offered that will meet the individual’s needs. A Job Seeker may be seeking specific services, so it is advantageous for providers to offer many options. That’s where Ideate comes in.